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Christine Campbell
United Kingdom
Christine Campbell is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Population Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Research interests include the interface of primary care and cancer screening programmes, understanding symptomatic presentation of cancer, and survivorship and palliative care issues. She currently chairs the Screening subgroup of the UK's NCRI Primary Care Clinical Studies Group.
David Weller
United Kingdom
David Weller graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1982. James Mackenzie Professor of General Practice, University of Edinburgh since 2000. Until 2010, lead for the UK’s National Cancer Research Institute. Chaired the Ca-PRI Executive since the network began in 2008. His interests are in cancer screening, early diagnosis and survivorship, and is involved in cancer and primary care capacity-building efforts internationally. David is Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Cancer Care.
Eva Grunfeld
Dr. Eva Grunfeld is a leader in cancer health services and outcomes research. Her research focuses on evaluation and knowledge translation of cancer health services. She is internationally recognized for her important contributions to the literature on cancer follow-up and survivorship. Dr. Grunfeld is Director, Knowledge Translation Research Network, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and Giblon Professor and Research Director, Dep't of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.
Frede Olesen
1976 GP certification, 1991 DrMedSc. Since 1991 research director at the Research Unit for General Practice, Aarhus University, Denmark. The Research Unit has two main research areas: cancer in primary care and psychiatric patients in primary care, incl. patients with medically unexplained symptoms. Besides that, we have several other projects related to collaborative and integrated care. The Research Unit has about 30 employees and hosts the centre for research in early diagnosis of cancer.
Greg Rubin
United Kingdom
Greg Rubin is a general practitioner and Professor of General Practice and Primary Care. His principal research interest is the management of gastrointestinal problems in primary care and at the interface with secondary care, particularly for cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. He has published extensively on this subject. He leads the development of the National Audit of Cancer Diagnosis in Primary Care, on behalf of the Department of Health and Royal College of General Practitioners.
Jon Emery
Knut A. Holtedahl
Professor of General Practice at the University of Tromsø, Norway, from 1996. GP from 1973 (part time from 1998), PhD 1991 with thesis "Diagnosis of Cancer in General Practice". Current research about early diagnosis and about treatment of cancer in primary care. 25-30 articles in the field.
Kurt C. Stange
United States of America
Peter Rose
United Kingdom
I am a part time family doctor and a university lecturerwith interests in follow up and survivorship as well as early diagnosis. Current work involves a follow up study of colorectal cancer and a study of long term cancer survivors and their primary care needs.
Peter Vedsted
I am the leader of a national research group for primary cancer diagnosis - the pathway from symptom to diagnose. The group investigates cancer awareness and how symptoms are understood and acted upon. The centre initiates intervention studies on diagnostic pathway for patients with unspecific symptoms. Further, the group participates in international collaborative studies and on methodological aspects, especially the measurement of pathway intervals.
Richard Neal
United Kingdom
I am a senior lecturer in general practice, Cardiff University, North Wales Clinical School. Research interests are in early diagnosis of cancer and models of primary care based follow-up.
Stephen Hunt Taplin

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