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The Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI) is an open, multidisciplinary network for researchers in primary cancer care and related areas. Ca-PRI was founded in 2008 and welcomes researchers from all disciplines related to research and development in the fields of cancer care in primary care.

The page for the 7th annual meeting of Ca-PRI 2014 in Winnipeg has now gone live:

Click on the poster to see complete conference information, to submit an abstract and to register!


Ca-PRI in India

In collaboration with Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and the Indian Institute of Public Health in Bhubaneswar, Ca-PRI arranged the Technology Transfer Training Workshop: "Improving cancer control in Odisha through primary care-based strategies". The workshop was funded by a group of cancer organisations in Europe, North America, and Australia and the National Cancer Institute (NCI USA).

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Ca-PRI promotes greater international collaboration in primary care and cancer research primarily by supporting networking and arranging a yearly conference.

Focus is on the role of primary care throughout the cancer journey from prevention to palliative care. Thus, research aspects are:

- Prevention and awareness
- Early detection and diagnostic pathway
- Screening
- Follow-up and survivorship
- End-of-life 
- Clinical communication
- Conceptual and methodological issues in research in the field

Each of these themes has a specific group and you may want to join one or more groups. To do so, please register so that you receive news and alerts about relevant discussions and publications. Further, you may find interest in sharing ideas about research projects, apply for joining existing projects and find researchers to collaborate with on a specific topic.

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Ca-PRI is led by the Executive group whose most prominent task is to ensure that the international network exists and is active. However, no network exits without each member being active and we hope that you may want to contribute and obtain the advantages of being member.



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